leverandør av adgangskontroll og låssystemer

Vi organiserer selskaper i alle sektorer innen låsløsninger,
kontantløse betalinger og adgangskontroll.

Vi organiserer selskaper i alle sektorer innen låsløsninger, kontantløse betalinger og adgangskontroll.

våre løsninger

smart locks

From battery-powered to networked smart locks, GANTNER is sure to have a suitable solution for numerous applications.

Access control and time recording

Implement automated check-in and check-out facilities so you can monitor employees’ activity levels

cashless payments

Remove the hassle of visitors or employees having to carry or store cash by taking away the need for staff to handle or process cash.

software solutions

GANTNER provides you ticketing softwares, mobile apps and softwares to distribute tickets to a global ecosystem of resellers.




  • Improve security with a robust access control solution
  • Streamline operations with automated check-in
  • Go mobile with your club management system
  • Benefit from smart locker room management


  • Keyless access into parks using waterproof wristbands
  • Shorter lines during peak times at locker rental points
  • One credential for all your solutions in the park
  • Automated system for day-long storage of belongings for your visitors
  • Increase your revenue with intelligent RFiD/NFC solutions


  • Smart locking solutions for your wardrobes, change rooms and other facilities
  • Automated access control solutions for your main entrance or other restriced areas
  • Time recording solutions for your employees
  • Cashless payments systems at your canteens, restaurants or vending machines


  • Campus card is used for student lockers and libraries
  • Student cards for cashless payment at canteens, cafeteria or vending machines
  • Easy administration of hundred of lockers for operators
  • Access to university´s facilities for authorised students



Holmes Place
We helped Holmes Place to organize it's fitness with an innovative access control


our products

We organise companies of any sector through innovative solutions in locking, cashless payments and access control.

cashless payments

Cashless payment systems for industries and organisation, commercial health clubs, leisure centres, water parks, hospitals, student facilities major corporations.

Access control and time recording

Access control and time recording solutions for public facilities, commercial and industry.

smart locks

GANTNER´s innovative locking systems for industries, hospitals, universities, commercial sites and leisure facilities. 

recreatex software

Ticketing software for museums, zoos and attractions.

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